Can I use #datafree apps on an iPhone?

#datafree apps are currently only available on Android phones (e.g. Samsung, Huawei)

Can I use #datafree apps with my mobile data switched off?

No, you must keep you your mobile data switched on to use #datafree apps. However, your airtime and data balance will not reduce. You can even use #datafree apps when you have zero airtime or data balance!

Can I use #datafree apps outside of South Africa?

Yes, #datafree apps can be used anywhere in the world. Although they will use your airtime or data they are extremely efficient so will use much less than other apps or websites.

Can I use #datafree apps if I don’t have any airtime or data?

Yes! #datafree apps work perfectly if you have no airtime or data balance.

Can I use #datafree apps if I have an MTN SIM card?

Yes, although they will use your airtime or data they are extremely efficient so will use much less than other apps or websites. We are trying our best to get MTN to enable #datafree apps on their network as soon as possible.

How do I stop other apps using my data when I am uisng a #datafree app?

Have a look at our Data-Saving Tips.

If I am connected to WiFi do #datafree apps use data?

If you are connected to WiFi no mobile data will be used by #datafree apps, but you will use up a WiFi data allowance if there is one.

Your banner says I am using low data on my dual SIM phone, but I am using no data; why?

On some dual SIM phones, especially older ones, we have difficulty detecting which SIM is being used for data.

datafree.co.za is not working with Opera Mini when I have no airtime or data

After a few seconds you should see a message from Opera Mini which allows you to temporarily disable data saving. Click the button the website will now load. Don't worry, the website is still #datafree, even with Opera Mini. You could also try another app to access the website like Google Chrome or Samsung Internet.

What is the catch; how am I being scammed?

There's no catch, we get paid by advertisers to show you #datafree video ads.

How much advertising do I have to watch to use #datafree apps?

It varies, but generally about one 10 second video ad every 30 minutes.

Who pays for the data when I am watching a video ad?

All our video ads are #datafree, the advertiser pays for the data.

I’m an app developer, can I build a #datafree app?

Yes, anyone with the right skills can build a #datafree app. You can sign up for a developer account here but remember, you will have to pay for the data that your app users consume.

I’m an advertiser, can I advertise on your apps?

Yes! We have a unique vertical video advertising solution. Contact us for more information.

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What is #datafree?

When you see the #datafree status it means this app is using NO DATA from your airtime or data bundle balance.

We have arrangements with the mobile network operators so our advertisers can pay for the mobile data that you use.

These networks are Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom. We are working hard to add MTN as soon as possible.

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